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Afro Caribbean and Ethnic Hair Specialists

We understand the importance of putting your hair in the right hands. Our Afro Caribbean and Ethnic Hair Specialists have been highly trained and have extensive knowledge and experience of working with every hair type and texture.

Afro Caribbean and Ethnic Hair Specialists

Weaved, fusion bond or micro rings available. A great way to add length, thickness and colour. Caring on your natural hair.


We offer safe non peroxide colouring services, along side our other professional colouring services.


Brazillian blow dry Protein based treatment. To smooth hair and stop the humid air making the hair frizzy. Keeping your hair smoother for longer. We offer a 2-3 wash treatment or a 2 1/2 month treatment. However the more treatments the more build up of the product so could last longer in time.

Walk away with smooth shiny hair with our blowdry service for afro/curly hair. All keracare products used to give you a silky smooth look.

Platting/ Braiding – Box – Dutch:

Plenty of methods for you to choose from. Box braiding can be applied with added hair to give you a longer look or to add colour. Cornrows are great for everyone to make day to day easier. Also great for anyone who loves to wear wigs. No fussing around before applying your wig. We also offer the very popular Dutch braids, with or without added hair. You can choose from a range of colours. From natural tones to funky crazy colours.

With or Without Hair

Expierenced afro hair stylist. Any curl type not a problem.
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As we all no everyone with afro/curly hair never has the same curl/texture as anyone else. FREE consultation and a hot drink.